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" We Aspire to Inspire (a2i)."

A2i Makeup is a beauty venture brought together by a team of passionate professional makeup artists, who aspire to inspire.

Our team is professionally trained in makeup and hairstyling services through extensive training in Singapore, Japan and Korea.  Ever since its founding, A2i Makeup has been devoted to delivering the complete beauty experience to its clients through its extensive range of services – professional hair and makeup for any occasion, eyebrow/eyeline/lip/hairline embroidery, aesthetic facial and eyelash extensions.


Each and every team member in A2i Makeup is carefully handpicked before being meticulously trained under  professional guidance. To further ensure that clients enjoy only top-notch services, team members also undergo rigorous professional training in Korea. With their skills finely-honed, clients can be assured that all artists at A2i Makeup studio are versatile in the services they provide which include professional makeup and hairstyling as well as semi-permanent makeup services.


Our team at A2i Makeup is committed to delivering a personalized customer experience to each person who walks into the studio. Aside from ensuring clients are treated to only premium quality service, A2i Makeup has a policy of attending to 1 client at any one time which means that each client can enjoy greater care and attention. Therefore, clients can relish in the opportunity to be attended to in a cozy and private environment.

Additionally, pigments selected by A2i are known to be some of the few organic semi-permanent pigments recognised by the Ministry of Environment in Korea. All the pigments are crafted using non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic raw material certified by Dermatest corporation in Germany.  Naturally, only the best is selected for our clients.

At A2i Makeup, we offer a curated selection of courses to engage individuals who seek to enhance their makeup skills or to progress to becoming a professional makeup or semi-permanent makeup artist.  The courses have been fine-tuned to suit anyone ranging from those with no experience to those holding intermediate-level skills. This ensures that each individual who registers for our courses is able to maximise their potential and learn to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, each professional course offered includes the imparting of knowledge on the business model and etiquette, allowing graduates to venture into the industry in a breeze.


Therefore, with a stellar team and the utmost quality assurance, A2i Makeup strives to ensure that each and every client leaves its studio looking good and feeling good.