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Our Passion for Beauty

Located at the heart of Tanjong Katong, Polished by A2i Makeup is a beauty studio brought to you by our dedicated A2i Makeup team who is passionate about delivering the fine art of semi-permanent makeup (SPMU). We are proud to be the only studio in Singapore with a full team of professional Makeup Artists who were meticulously trained in Korea to acquire the specialised SPMU knowledge and technique. Gifted with an eye of beauty, our Makeup Artist aspire to deliver quality on your delicate skin.

Additionally, pigments selected by A2i are known to be some of the few organic semi-permanent pigments recognised by the Ministry of Environment in Korea. All the pigments are crafted using non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic raw material certified by Dermatest corporation in Germany.  Naturally, only the best is selected for our clients.

Our team at A2i Makeup is committed to delivering a personalized customer experience to each person who walks into the studio. Aside from ensuring clients are treated to only premium quality service, A2i Makeup has a policy of 1 makeup artist attending to 1 client at any one time which means that each client can enjoy greater care and attention. Therefore, clients can relish in the opportunity to be attended to in a cozy and private environment.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

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Achieve perfect brow, bioorganic pigment and meticulous craftmanship promised.

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Enjoy stronger and longer lasting nails with our quality gel polish



Let your skin glow with our micro needle therapy system to enhance facial glow, hydration and lift.

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